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Originally Posted by cyjoe198 View Post
Thanks for your answer! You are right. It has nothing to do with the cruise control. This also happens during normal drive. For a few minutes the speed shown on the speedo is right but then it starts going up (till the end) and down all the time. By doing this it is clear that the cruise control cant hold the speed correctly.
As mentioned before the paddle weel seems to be ok. Maybe the MMDC has a defect?

Regards Joachim
I would agree with you on the paddle wheel seems fine. I would think that if it was not working correctly you would see no speed from it at all.

I would think that if the MMDC is bad or going bad you would see more issues the just the speed. Are there any other issues with any other gauges? I would also suggest that your check the battery connects, mostly the grounds. Are they clean and tight? What about the grounding cable to the engine? Is it clean and tight?

What I really think is the issue is that MC cruise control is at best a waste of money in the boat. MC never should have tried to build there own system. They should have just farmed it out to PP from the very beginning.

Lastly, if your friend does decide to change out to PP, the stargazer system is easy to install and I believe well work the money. Once you drive a boat with a PP you will never want to drive one without.

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