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I wouldn't go a bit over $70k for any X2 regardless of options, personally.
One thing to consider is the trailer. If you're only trailering the boat short distances or it lives on a lift, single axle is ideal, and easier to pivot into a garage by hand. If you're planning on towing alot I would not consider a single axle under a X2 for the long term. The boat is every bit of 4klbs + fueled up and full of gear. If you're running multiple batteries and a bad @ss stereo, keep adding to that weight.

Main thing is when, not if, you pop a tire, the torsion axle tandem will keep the rim on the flat off the pavement and you wont trash a rim.
Otherwise, being new to this as you stated, we love the X2. Great do it all watersports boat with as much room as you can get inside for passengers and storage out of a 20' boat. Handles chop pretty well too.
Also I think they are MC's best selling line of boats which really helps at resale time. You still cannot buy even an 06 model for under $40k unless it's stripped down, high hours or beat up. Good ROI for a 7 going on 8 year old 20' wakeboat.
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