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Originally Posted by bsettle1 View Post
I'm getting tired of controlling on RPM and debating the upgrade as well. Is it worth the $700?
I know I installed Stargazer on my neighbor's boat and it is dead on. I assume that you need the 3 line gauge as well. Are you having problems with running with the speed only? I know on my last boat, it would surge with the speed and I just used the RPM, which didn't really bother me. I tried adjusting all the settings and even resetting the system, but it still did the same thing. It would be nice to say I want to go 22mph and not have to figure it out with the amount of weight in the boat to compensate the RPMs. PP sent me the incorrect cable for my new boat so I only had RPM capability and have not had a chance to try out the speed function yet. I got the new cable in the other day and will install it this weekend, but will not have time to put the boat in to try it out.
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