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Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
Well, I tried the PB Blaster and let it sit for three nights, beating it with a sledge every morning and then applying more PB Blaster, but this pin did not budge. The only other solution I can really think of is to break out the torch, which would ruin the paint and I would rather not do that if I don't have to. I did also try to twisting the pin with some vice grips, to no avail. Taking suggestions.
Use an air hammer with a blunt nose bit and drive the pin up and out from the bottom. Wear old clothes and eye protection since all that penetrating spray you've been using will start flyin'.

On the bolt...
When I replaced my actuator from the "Reliable" to the UFP, I tried everything (PB Blaster for weeks, long breaker bar, 1/2 impact, 3/4" impact) all to no avail. I was going to use the old heat and beat method but I figured since the bolt runs through a sleeve, it would be somewhat insulated and wouldn't heat up enough to work anyway. It may have worked, but I didn't try.

I ended up taking it to my friend at his spring shop. He used a 1" impact and it took several seconds before it started turning. I smacked on it from the bottom as he continued with the impact and it walked out. The new bolt got a really nice coat of anti-seize before it went back together.

Hope this helps,
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