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I have to say thanks to Traxx for introducing me to Doomswell Wakesurf boards!
Like most of you, I had not heard of Doomswell until this post.
As luck would have it, I saw a new 4’6” Doomswell Nubstep board listed on eBay / Craigslist. The board was brand new; the guy selling it had won it in a surf competition on the Endless Wave tour.
I was interested in the board, but since there is not much information online I took a chance and emailed Brock at Doomswell. He emailed me back, asked that I call him, and gave me all the details on the board I was looking at, construction and performance characteristics, and how it may or may not fit my needs.
I actually wound emailing / calling Brock several times with more questions, and he responded promptly every time. I was so impressed with Brock, that I was seriously considering ordering a new board directly from him, but decided to buy the one on CL so that I could get it immediately.

Once the board arrived I had a question on the fin set up, so I texted him on a Saturday night, and he replied almost immediately - answering all my questions. He even followed up the next day to ask how I liked riding the board!
I have had the chance to ride the board over three weekends, the first two my PerfectPass was not working, so surfing was a challenge. Even then I was amazed at how fun the board was to ride, how fast it is, but quite surprised at how easy it is to control. I am relatively new to surfing, having just added PerfectPass in June of this year, which is the first time I was able to consistently ride ropeless.
I was worried the board would be squirrely, and sketchy to ride since it is 9” shorter than the CWB Ride that had been the board I was accustomed to riding, but I found that it helped me improve my riding almost immediately. I have tried it with two fin and four fin set-up and by far prefer the control of the four fins for now. Maybe when I get better I’ll switch to 2 fins for a looser feel.
I also love the Agenda traction on it. It really locks your feet in place.
I have purchased / tried other several other boards as I have recently caught the surfing bug in a big way. This board is by far my favorite. I have a 4’11” Shred Stixx Thresher that I will soon be selling.
I am 6’0” 180, and this board seems perfect for me. The nice part is, my 12 year old daughter loves it as well. She calls it “the little racer”.
If you are in the market for a board, I would highly recommend contacting Brock. His customer service is incredible. His pricing seems very reasonable. He can build you a custom board for less than you will pay for a lot of off the rack boards out there.
Here are some pics of the board / me riding. It looks like I copied Traxx poses on a couple of these.
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