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Originally Posted by craig3972 View Post
I was was running my pair of M10w5 on an MHD750, might be a bit much.
At 375 rms watts (very conservatively), especially from a more robust strictly regulated amplifier, that is a lot of power for those sub drivers individually, even as conservatively as JL Audio rates their woofer thermal power. We typically top out at around 300 watts honest power with an unregulated amplifier per each driver in that series. But honestly, I could run double that power and never have an issue because personally I can't tolerate the first hint of distortion. But bass distortion is different and harder to detect versus mids and highs. Distortion in mids and highs tends to immediately grate on you. Bass distortion simply loses tonal construction and becomes muddy which may be harder to hear depending on the type of music you listen to. Plus, bass distortion is even more difficult to hear when underway.
Again, proper tuning (gains and crossover selection) can make a huge difference in reliability, not to mention sound quality. You can't set up a 10" like you do a 12", and you can't set up a boat anything like you do a car, SUV or truck.

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