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Originally Posted by deminimis View Post
Couldn't be much later to the party than this. Regardless, two cents worth on its way: Toyo: What a freak'n waste of money. Had a set of Es on a Sportsmobile. After Baja and Moab, the tires were plum wore out (less than 10k miles and these were not overly abusive miles -mostly paved miles). Generals: Always a good choice. With my 3500 Dually, I wanted to see some long term reviews by folks with similar rigs (via a Duramax forum). The tire that got the nod was the GY Duratracs. Seriously? I am not a fan of Goodyear at all. Nonetheless, I took the bait. Coming up on a year with these and I've got to say, it was a great choice...None more surprised than me. Talk about traction in the snow. I have chains for getting up to the ski resort during apocalyptic Winter weather. The chains are still unused.

Snow was up and over my hood by the time we left a couple days later (camped in lot for three days for the kid's ski camp). Had to do a little shovel work so the snow didn't destroy my rear dually fenders, but other than that, the rig just plowed right out.

Can't beat the Goodyear Duratracs in the winter.
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