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Blown JL M10w5 subwoofer

I let the stereo control get away from me the other night, somebody ( who shall remain nameless) cranked the sub level from my setting of 3 to an 8. well it didnt take long to stretch the voice coil and now its done.
The question is: Replacement Subwoofer? I want to use the JL cause I run two of them in parallel for a 2 ohm load. I took out the original M10WIB5 - which is the infinite baffle sister to the M10W5B (meant for enclosed use).

-Do you think that the IB will be able to work in the enclosure? In parallel with the enclosed type sub.

-Is it possible that the IB could be more resistant to overloading due to its construction to survive in an open air environment? (an enclosure may provide more dampening to excursion due to the air cushion inside the enclosure)
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