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2007 X2 Calibration Question - Speedo/MC Cruise/water temp/etc

Hey Guys,
This is the first summer with my new (new to me) X2. After using an app on my phone I realized that my MC Cruise speedometer was off. It showed 29 MPH when the app said 21 MPH (I tested this on another MC and the app was almost exact. On top of this issue but depth finder, air temp, water temp and time were all off on the other digit gauge (mini screen inside the RPM gauge). I read that you have to hold down the two buttons just left of the steering wheel (I believe they are titled "Speedo" and "Display"). I did this and was able to correct the time, but nothing else would change. I think I tried it one too many times because a few moments later all the arms on every gauage stated going from all the way down, to half, to all the way full, then back to half and back to zero. They did this for about 5 or so times then they went back to normal with the exception of my MPH Speedo gauge. That stays at zero now even with the throttle down. I still haven't been able to fix my MC Cruise either.

Has anyone else had similar issues or know how to fix this? Any help would be great! If you want to chat on the phone off line PM me and I'll give you my number, then post the solution for others to see.

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