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Sorry guys, just got back from my lake vacation on Buggs Island since August 23rd

Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Surprised it was that much of an issue. I like the button. And don't find it a burden at all. I kind of like people not being able to go in and out of there at their pleasure.

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To be honest, if we hadn't remade the engine dividers we probably would have left it alone, we tend to tinker too much and try to over-improve stuff that probably didn't need fixing in the first place haha.

Originally Posted by Smarten View Post
Looks pretty slick! You weren't kidding about moving the dividers closer to the engine The PVC doesn't get too warm that close? It would be nice to have the extra room back there. Thanks for the info on the gel coat. I'll give it a try.
They get a little warm to the touch, but not any warmer than anything else back in that area.

Originally Posted by CC2MC View Post
Impressive. Everything is looking great! That Seadeck really changes the look of the swim platform for the better. It looks like you have a little discoloration on some of the vinyl. If you wanted a fix for that, you could get some vinyl dye. If you plan on getting the interior redone next year, then I might not worry about it, but the dye is supposed to be a good way to prolong the look of the vinyl. Keep up the inspiration.

BTW, what impresses me more than the job itself is the fact that you are doing this as a married man with kids. Kudos, bc I couldn't make that happen without all of this taking me two years or more to get where you are now.
Thanks for the compliments! That's a good thought about the vinyl dye but I think we're just going to live with it for one more season and then get the interior replaced. The previous owner didn't take very good care of the vinyl and it's a little crunchy in a few areas and some threads are starting to pop along wiith some vinyl starting to tear

While I'd love to take credit for doing this with a wife and kids, it's quite the opposite haha. I'll be 27 this weekend and I'm single (long term gf though) with no kids. I'm trying to get all my toys established before the wife and kids!

My best friend and I went in together to fix this boat up since whenever we ride we're usually both on the boat, and we both hate paying full price for anything. We've wrenched on plenty of LT1's and LS1's in cars and trucks to have some spare parts laying around to make the boat rebuild a little easier too.
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