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Tinting windshield question

So I pulled my windshield off my xstar yesterday and I was planning on taking the glass out of the frame and having it powder coated and glass tinted. But then I started to think if I could leave the glass in the frame for tint? Then I could have my painter do the frame afterwards. I had my last boat done this way so I figured it could be done again. My only concern was the glass curve that is so difficult for them to work with. But I figurethe frame won't hurt them installing the tint? I'm just trying to save myself more labor on my part and my powder coater lives pretty far away. You think this will be ok?

Also as far a tint I'm thinking no lower then 35%. My last boat was 5% and looked great but was a nightmare for site. I don't often come in at dusk but could happen once in awhile. Also my wife is going to be driving the boat often when I ride so I don't want too dark. Should I even think about higher percentage?
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