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Originally Posted by Squash20 View Post
Hey everyone....I know, sucks to be thinking about it, but I'm planning for the inevitable and had a few questions. I've been playing around a little and think I've got a decent process mapped out when the time comes...and just wanted to see what a few others might think. I've got a PS197. I just rigged up my homemade version of a "fake-a-lake" with an old cooler (water tank) and some fittings....keeping the cooler/tank full with a garden hose water source. It seems to work really well running the engine and sucking water from the "cooler tank" that I've created. My plan, when the time comes, will be to get water drawing through to get the engine/thermostat up to temp (engine at idle only of course). That appears to take about 5 to 10 minutes or so from the 1 trial run that ive done....carefully watching the water source to ensure that isnt starved and watching engine temp. Once at temp (around 140 degrees) I plan to shut down the engine and manually drain the engine of all raw water and then switch my cooler tank over to RV pink antifreeze (100%, not diluted). Then, re-fire the engine and draw a good 8 gallons of RV antifreeze through and shut her down. I had planned on keeping the antifreeze in the engine then (not draining) for the winter. I suppose I would just pop open the block drain plugs to make sure they show antifreeze in them as a precaution, but not draining entirely as I understand the antifreeze has rust inhibitor in it that should help protect for the winter. Does this sound like an adequate plan? I don't have any hot shower or it is just the engine that I'm working with. The other standard maintenance will follow as well (fuel filter, engine oil/filter, all other lubrication procedures, removing water pump, etc, etc). Let me know what you all think. Thanks!
I do almost exactly what you have stated, but I change the oil and trans fluid first.
I also use -60 purple anti freeze from West Marine, only 4 gals. (8 gals. seems excessive)
Remove spark plugs and fog cylinders.
Replace impeller every 2 years in the spring.
I was njskier on here.
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