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1. Check to see if battery voltage drops significantly when turning on the stereo or another decent load to rule this out first
2. If OK, Verify you are getting 12vts to the solenoid at the starter (the wire that energizes the solenoid, not the large 12vt to the starter motor solenoid)
3. If you hear a clicking when turning the key but the starter doesnt turn the engine over, Try tapping the solenoid with a wooden hammer handle to see if the starter catches while someone holds the key in the start position. If it does you probably have worn contacts in you can usually disassemble and clean the contacts and all is good.
4. If its clicking but not,turning over, try jumping to bypass the solenoid using some wire or a screwdriver from the positive lead lug to the starter positive terminal and see if it turns over. If it wont turn over its probably a bad starter motor.
4. If the steps above causes no engagement or clicking sound, check the resistance across the solenoid coil. If open, shorted or out of spec on the ohms of resistance, you will need to replace. If the solenoid is clicking when using the key or bypassing the solenoid wont turn over the motor, check the starter motor windings spec to see if OK.

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