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Originally Posted by johny123 View Post
first of all, thanks for all the quick replies!

mr mastercraft, by "check ground at engine", what does that involve doing? when i was checking voltage at the solenoid i was using the engine ground as my negative. the engine ground looked good/very clean

carracer, is there any way to test the solenoid?

i should have said, originally the battery voltage was 12.3, would drop to 12.15 when i turned the key. after putting the battery on a trickle charge for a few hours voltage was 12.7.... that being said, i just realized the date code on the battery is august 2006. does it need to be replaced even though the voltage is still high? not sure how i can test amperage/capacity?

lanyard is good. that was one of my first thoughts...we've been through that one before

what does no click at the starter suggest? could the ignition switch be suspect in these types of problems?
Ensuring that the block ground has a good connection requires removing the connection, using a wire brush (preferable stainless) to clean the battery cable end, mating surface on the block and the bolt itself. You could have a fully charged battery and everything else working within the start circuit, but if you have a high resistance connection at the block ground, you will not be able to flow enough current to turn the starter. The same goes for any battery connection. Visual inspection isn't sufficient as it can look fine, but be green and fuzzy underneath.

No click at the starter suggests that there is no current getting to the starter.

I would proceed as follows until I found the problem:

Clean the ground connection, and and if you haven't yet, all the other battery cable connections including the connection at the starter. Be sure to disconnect the battery ground terminal first and leave disconnected while cleaning the positive connections, then be sure to reconnect.

Use a test light at the solenoid ignition post (small terminal with small wire) in the crank position. You should see battery voltage at crank only.

Remove the battery, charge it and take it to an auto parts store and have it tested.

Next remove the starter and have it tested.
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