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Originally Posted by Mark rsa2au View Post
Welcome to boating in Australia!
You must have a boat licence / PWC licence to operate either! It is linked to your drivers licence and subject to the same penalties, and you have to do a strict test first.

Blood alcohol over 0.5.... loose your boat licence AND your drivers license, and if you are considdered "High Range" blood alcohol the law can confiscate your boat. Reckless driving can mean loss of licence as well. Cops patrol popular areas on high power PWC's and have the power to stop and search your boat for safety gear.. all kids wearing life vests, enough vests for all on board, boat registration, breath test etc.

Still does not deter the idiots but you can video them as the boat registration is linked to your licence as well......

Now only if there was a test for common sense.....or even courtsey ....?
Canada has a boaters license as well, but it doesn't really mean much. The exam mostly pertains to operating on major waterways rather than small inland lakes. The RCMP will search your boat for safety gear, life vests and alcohol as well. In reality, there's never going to be a licensing program that states "you can't tow tubes with an XStar and make waves on the lake", however nice that might be. Too many people tube. I was recently on holidays with my whole family in Saskatchewan, and you think incoild get any of the kids to try waterskiing? Man, that damn tube was the bane of my existence!

There will always be people who don't understand. Pretty much everything covered in the Canadian boaters license is for general safety, and nothing on common courtesy. I was running a slalom course last weekend and a guy with 5 kids in his boat drives past me fallen in the middle of the course, and parks it right at the end of the closing gate, maybe 50' off the bouys! I idled over there to explain what the slalom course was and that we would be done in about a half hour, if he wouldn't mind moving, and he runs his yap about having the right to fish wherever he pleases! That's a real lesson to teach the kids in your boat... It's not like we could move the slalom course.
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