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Originally Posted by Mark rsa2au View Post
Hi Guys

Getting ready for Summer down under... Noticed tyres have small splits in the side wall... Believe it or not I think they are the origional tyres... ( yes 12 yers old and waiting to blow)

I want to know if anyone has fitted the 205 width tyre to a 2001 single axel MC trailer with an X5 (prostar 195). Will they fit and does it rub the guards?

The current tyre is a 195R14. The same size Light truck tyre is rated to 950kg (2095lbs) whereras the 205r14 LT is rated to 1030kg (2270LBS). The difference is about 350lbs additional safety.

Boat and trailer are 3530lbs dry. Add full tank, ski gear, coolers, etc and the extra 660lbs load rating of the 195R14 does not go far. I like a bigger margin of safety and want to fit the 205R14.

Thanks! (and sorry for wishing your northern hemisphere summer away)
The 205 should not be a problem. I have 205-14s on my trailer, no problem with the fit under the fender well.

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