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Originally Posted by jbkriss View Post
Not all things on MCs perform as stated... BIG cough cough, Touchscreen cough cough, Power Tower cough cough, P&P cough cough. Just saying...
Big?? Never heard of any common problems with that. A couple random ones, like any other feature on any other boat.

Touchscreen?? You definitely got that one right

Power Tower? A couple customers had actuators break, MC designed a new bullet proof hydraulic system, retrofitted EVERY single PT sold, at their own expense, and haven't had a single failure since....... Sure, a little hiccup at first, but fully corrected soon after. And not very many people had actuators break.

PnP- I actually never heard of problems with this. Was there some??......Besides the problems with PnP that were actually due to the touchscreen problem....

Besides. Every single boat manufacturer has had gremlins with all of this new computer controlled crap. What is your point exactly?? If you really want to bring up an electrical megafail, lets talk about the early Malivue...... Medallion instruments, good riddance.
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