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Originally Posted by Indyxc View Post
Of the two I would probably go with the 210 if surfing is big for you.

However, consider this. If the G21 does come out next year, the retail/resale value of the 210 is going to plummet. It will no longer be the flagship 21 ft Nautique, and will be price accordingly, especially for a brand that goes with the premium image.
I agree with this. Maybe consider waiting until the G21 comes out just so that you can see the actual specs on it. You're in Canada so unfortunately, there might not be that much season left, could be worth waiting for. I know that CC is trying to position the [2014] 210 and 230 as "budget conscious" boats but they're still expensive as hell. Will the G21 be more? Yes but I think it will hold its value better than a similar sized boat that is now positioned as an economy version, even though it really doesn't seem like it. If you can wait, then you can compare the X10, 210, and G21 and not second guess your decision after making such a large purchase.
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