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Originally Posted by Nordicron View Post
Hey this prob doesn't carry much weight being I'm a Nautique guy but I can't believe anyone would buy a boat that didn't have the ability to switch sides without moving people and ballast from one side to the other. Comparing a boat that has NSS or even Surfgate and one that doesn't should be a no brainer for you! If surfing is important you will love the ability to not have to tip your boat over or not have to make all the regular riders go first then take 20mins to rearrange the boat to let the goofy person go! And driving a heavily weighted tipped over boat isn't fun for the passengers nor the driver.

Also they seriously said the g21 is gonna be 5400lbs? That's the same weight as the g23?
The systems on the competition don't make a big enough wave to run without ballast anyway. I'll gladly take the time to fill ballast over putting up with finishing that isn't up to par with the MC. No Koolaid here, just a fact.
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