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The newly redesigned 210 really changed this boats appeal. The X10 would have beat out the 13 210 I think purely on storage alone. The redesign really boosted the 210 storage. The 08-12 interior feel and storage in the 210 always seemed sub par for a boat of its size and caliber. the 2014 redesign made the boat much deeper which gives it a way more of a modern wakeboat feel. The addition in the freeboard and seat height is very noticeable. Not sold on their new side ballast tanks instead of the wedge as of yet. Now you can't get boards in the rear compartments. The 210 has a sleeper of a surfwave with very little weight, but before the redesign for 2014 it really still had the old school, low profile, slim storage feet to it. Good luck with the choice. Both boats are gonna be killer no matter which route you go.
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