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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
Hard to believe it isn't worse than that. I would do a quick repair to seal it up, then do a proper repair at the end of the season.

Buy some fiberglass resin & hardener and some white color, mask it off, mix it up and paint on a couple coats.

Get your supplies here. They are less than half the price than getting this from a marine dealer.
I really am surprised it wasn't worse. Which fiberglass resin is best to use? I would love to just use the the spectrum patch kit because it would be easiest, but I do feel like I should fill in the fiberglass a bit first. Does the fiberglass resin seal it so I would be able to use it this weekend? Then I could finish with the spectrum later? Turns out my old spectrum patch is dried up so I will need to order more anyway.
1993 ProStar 205, 351 HO, 1:1
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