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Originally Posted by Jesture View Post
I'm looking at purchasing a 2003 ProStar 190 which has Northstar LTR 330 HP engine in it. Engine and boat only have 53 hours. I'm familiar with the ProStar line, but not with this specific engine. Can anyone tell me pro's or con's about this engine? Is it reliable? Is it a disaster waiting to happen? I'm just trying to gather as much info as I can.

Nothing wrong with this engine, in any way. It's the same block, heads and accessories as most of the other engines but the intake plenum is much larger. 330 HP, BTW.

53 hours on the dash gauge? On a 10 year old boat, I would seriously doubt that- if you have a MC dealer near you, have them run the boat on the water and do some data acquisition. The full data set will include the engine hours, which is actual running hours, not how long the key has been turned ON. If the gauge was replaced, you'll know immediately.
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