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Originally Posted by TripleThreat View Post
Went back to the lake tonight... Success...

My wife got up on her first try and she hasn't skied in over 30 years. My 13 year old got up on her first try. My 11 year old didn't have any success, but she only tried once (she going to have to toughen up a bit).

The smooth acceleration to 2000 RPM was perfect. I then slowly adjusted speed for each of them. I pulled my daughter at about 22 MPH and my wife up to about 28 MPH. My wife even went outside the wake a couple of times.

The water was awesome tonight. We probably will avoid the lake Friday, Saturday and Sunday and won't go back out until late Monday afternoon after all the crazy people leave.

Thanks for all the advice.
That is awsome Less is more sometimes with these crafts
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