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Originally Posted by ahhudgins View Post
Not a big rush at the moment, but I need to replace the decals on my boat. I could do it simple and go with the original but I've always loved the original S&S. My first MC was a grey with black metal flake. I've Googled it and it appears that spraying metal flake isn't that complicated. My only concern is how thick it would be if I added a coat of black over my existing gel? I know that it would be even thicker to do metal flake and several coats of clear gel. I assume that there would be a ridge on the bottom of the stripe, but maybe it could be sanded and buffed down. I would love to put the S&S on my Maristar one day.
I don't think that I would tackle the project on my own, but this guy did it:

If anyone has photoshop, feel free to add decals.
This is random, but where did you get your bimini? It looks good and I like the size. Is it a 5' long bimini and how tall too? Thanks. Nice looking boat, even before the potential metal flake. If you are going to gel coat the hull, why not just take it down to the line just above the water line? Just a thought. That way, when spraying you can take the tape line on the underside of that hull line change, which would hide the ridge you are concerned with.
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