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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Well at least you didn't have a boat driver (inboard - moomba) driver go full speed with a tube with kids between the boat I was in and a boat with kids behind it 50 feet from our boat where we slowed to idle. After last weekend - I know long have it out for Jet Skis... - I saw more unsafe drivers than I could count... - scary poop Sunday a few times...
I was pulling my daughter and friend on a tube on Sunday, it was pretty busy but not crazy. Off to starboard I see an X-Star pulling three tubes. 'Hey cool, a fellow MC owner' I thought. Then I noticed the crazy zig-zag...there is an observer and a driver in 'star. They are overtaking me from starboard...zig-zagging along whipping the three tubes outside of the wake. As he approached withing 50' of me I'm blowing the horn and checking around me to make sure I'm good to cut the power, which I did. I throw my arms up like '***'. Obverser never even acknowledges we are there...and the kid on the closest tube - now about 30' from my bow and heading in front of my boat gives the the index and pinky rock-and-roll surfer dude salute! Like, I guess this kid thought it was normal to have is jackwagon dad whip their boat and tube into another boat's way. Yeah, before this I'd held MC owners and inboards to a higher standard. No more.
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