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Originally Posted by Andyg View Post
I am definitely not a fan of bigger government or them sticking their nose in what I like to do, but why don't we require boat licensing like driver licensing for cars. It's probably more dangerous to learn to drive a boat than it is to learn to drive a car. Not to mention who is doing the teaching of people that are getting a boat for the first time? Themselves is the answer. I bet half of new boat owners don't even know the boating laws when they buy a new boat and take it out the first time. We have graduated drivers licenses for young people so that they can learn to drive before they have a car load of people. Have a written test and a boat driving test before you get your license just like a car. It would educate people that there are different ways that people use their boats and some common courtesies could be taught to everyone. Now whether they actual follow what they learn after they get back on the water that is a different story.
I totally agree, including pre-launch prep, launching, docking retrieval to the test!
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