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Hit an Unmarked Concrete Block – Repair Advice (w/ Pics)

I’ll get to what happened later, but I’m looking for some advice on what to do. I’m definitely going to get an estimate to have it done, but does this look like something I can do myself? Can I just use the spectrum gelcoat repair stuff to fill it all in or do I need to do fiberglass repair also? The other question is can I use the boat like this or should I get it repaired first? Of course it happens right before Labor Day weekend and we had planned on being out in the boat all weekend. I know that water will soak into the fiberglass and I will need to let it dry before repairing, so will too much water soak in if I use it? How long should I let it dry before making the repair?

As far as getting it professionally repaired…is Midwest MC the place to go or are there any other suggestions in the Twin Cities area? Do they do their own gel repair or send it out?

So here’s what happened…my wife and I were out on Prior Lake in MN last night. I’ve never really liked this lake all that much and we normally go to Minnetonka or the river but Prior is close to home. We decided to head back into Candy Cove because we had never been back there. There’s a small channel that leads back there with some structure right in the middle of the channel and also some no wake buoys. We enter on the right side and have no problems. On our way out I stay to the right of this structure (which would be the opposite side we entered on). As we come up to it I see that a buoy a little ahead of me and to the right is marking a rock. So I veer a little left to stay away from the rock and it puts me a little closer to this structure. I’m naturally assuming it’s deep next to this thing because it goes straight down. Then BAM. My heart drops and I go up to the front to see a huge concrete slab under the front of my boat. It had to have been about 6 feet square and 4 feet tall, sitting 8-10 inches under the water. I was fuming. I have no idea why they would mark a rock 20 feet away but a $*&#ing concrete slab is not marked. What a way to ruin a perfect night.
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1993 ProStar 205, 351 HO, 1:1
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