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Pretty sure your 2000 XStar is same KGB design as my 2001 X30. Three thru-hull ports in the transom that feed the two hard tanks in the back compartments and the fatsac in the center locker. Each tank/sac has two lines on top for fill and vent, and one line on bottom for drain. Each fill and vent line has a dedicated port. The bilge pump also has a dedicated port.

The aerator pumps typically have higher GPH specs than the impeller pumps, but they are also much more sensitive to head-loss so you can improve performance by minimizing hose length, bends, and IDing/removing any kinks. My X30 has the Johnson/Mayfair cartridge pumps so was also very easy and inexpensive to upgrade all the cartridges to 1000 GPH and they perform pretty well.

I have considered replacing the aerators with ballast puppies, but decided the extra minute or so to fill/drain did not justify the money and effort.
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