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To Sell a Trailer or Not

I have an 03 Mastercraft X-30 trailer. I grew up on saltwater and have taken it in saltwater a handful of times, but next summer I intend to do a lot more saltwater boating (the boat's engine has the closed cooling). As such, no matter how good I try to clean it, the trailer will inevitably start showing the signs of saltwater use and will need to be replaced down the line.

I hate to see such a nice trailer detiorate and know the cost of a galvanized trialer will set me back a pretty penny. However, at least, it won't show the signs of rust for a long time down the road, so long as it is maintained. I have heard a lot of people state that I am better off just using my existing trailer until it can no longer be used, but, again, it is tough to see such a nice trailer deteriorate.

I would like to hear any members' opinions as to whether they have had to make this decision and what they did or whether any members have had any luck selling used Mastercraft trailers on their own w/o a boat on it. It seems to me that since these are made for the specific boat they will be hard to unload, so I might be stuck using it until the rust eats it up. Thanks in advance!
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