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Tristar 190

Ah yes, the Tristar 190. I have an '88 as well, closed bow though. You and the family will enjoy that boat. Great first MC. Mine has been very dependable. Trailer looks like mine which was built by SMP. Don't let the "bar" frustrate you (or your wife) when loading, just takes a little practice getting the trailer in the water the correct depth. Some have cursed it, some replaced it with the newer Boat Buddy system, but I still have the bar on mine. I did add a pivot hitch so I could fit it into the garage.
I had the same deal on the soft floor panel behind the engine. I'll search for the link to a thread where I fixed it. It isn't too bad of a project to do. Post or PM me if you have any specific questions. Good luck with it.

Link to my repair thread of the floor:

MIne is alos the same dark blue gelcoat, but with white. Same interior colors as well. Cool.
1988 Tristar 190 Sport, 351W w/GT-40's, 1:1 Velvetdrive
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