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Originally Posted by jsturvey View Post
That doesn't sound good to me at all, Steve. These transmissions are noisy, but definitely not like that. Something has to be out of kilter. I know the history on you boat is a bit unknown, except for the main bearing on the engine, but the drive train had to have taken a hit as well judging by bent strut in you restoration thread. Granted I've only had my MC for 3 years now, and I am still learning things about it. I am not an expert by any means, so I have no idea how much shock it would take to bend a strut. When the engine spun that bearing, did it cease? Could the shock from that affect the transmission? Maybe I'm getting a bit off topic here; just brainstorming. In any case, I'd consider taking the transmission back out and take it in for service.

Thanks for the information that mine is a lot louder than yours, last think I want to do is send something thru the case and end up having to replace the trans not just fix it.

I have no idea about the past history except it had to of had a hard 375 hours!!! I don't think the bent strut is related because the boat was driven for a while after it was bent to wear thru the shaft log like it did. The main bearing must have heated up quite a bit, the crank was warped and a couple of main caps were spread out from the heat so I'm assuming it seized up.

I figured with a bad motor the trans MUST be good otherwise they would not have been using but who know.

If anything I would pull the trans and split the case (after doing some research) to see if I can see any damage inside.

Does everyone agree that's what I should do? Or do I have any other options?

Thanks, Steve
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