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Originally Posted by hig View Post
Last Saturday (9/17) I took the boat to try it out but I never got it off the trailer, this was the first time Iíve put it in gear since Iíve owed it and it made a loud clunking while idling in forward and reverse gears. This past Saturday I disconnected the drive couplings so I could dry run it in my driveway and I still had the same noise, it seems to quiet down when I gave it gas. I changed the tranny fluid earlier this year with 15W-40 oil and itís filled up properly. While I had it in the water, a couple of times it stalled just after making a clunk. Iím not sure what to check? When I had the motor out I did not see anything wrong with the pressure plate but then again, I donít really know what I should have been looking for.

Some back ground: I bought the boat this spring with spun main bearings so I never heard it run, the boat has 375 hours on it. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Steve
That doesn't sound good to me at all, Steve. These transmissions are noisy, but definitely not like that. Something has to be out of kilter. I know the history on you boat is a bit unknown, except for the main bearing on the engine, but the drive train had to have taken a hit as well judging by bent strut in you restoration thread. Granted I've only had my MC for 3 years now, and I am still learning things about it. I am not an expert by any means, so I have no idea how much shock it would take to bend a strut. When the engine spun that bearing, did it cease? Could the shock from that affect the transmission? Maybe I'm getting a bit off topic here; just brainstorming. In any case, I'd consider taking the transmission back out and take it in for service.


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