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Originally Posted by sethro View Post
Well, I did not document the modifications I had to make like I wanted to, so I apologize. I still have some work to do like paint the remaining steel and fabricate a set of bow bunks for the dolly for when I float the boat on. I just have a rubber dock bumper tied to the area for now. It's been functioning without issues now for about a month or so.

It was a long process made longer because I had to wait through two floods, as the steel work on the face of the ramp had to be done at a normal water level. The front face of the ramp had eroded away after ice ripped out the brackets that were attached directly to the cement back in the early 90's. I placed a 1/4" sheet of steel on the existing footer and secured it to the ramp face. Wherever there was void in the face of the ramp, bolts were welded to the plate so when I filled the voids with new cement they would help keep it in place. I also put a cap on the plate and welded the plate to the existing rails. Furthermore, I decided on "deadheads" in three locations that were welded to pins driven in the concrete about a foot back. It's pretty solid now.

The rails with pipes welded underneath are 12' long, and then there is a 20' long set of rails that lay directly on the river bottom. It is about 6' deep at the end of my rails so low water launching should never be an issue. I have around $700 in materials for this project so far...ouch! But it's worth every penny.
WOW !! Great set up you have there!
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