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Originally Posted by harleyds2 View Post
very nice..I have some valve covers very similiar. I need to check to see if they are angled. Anderson motor sports say they have a valve cover that is close to stock that will fit the roller rockers. I may try it first. I have to get rid of my hi dollar valve covers.

Funny thing..DIM had no idea, nor did Indmar or Barr marine who makes after market manifolds
I know how you feel. Stock size valve cover that covers the roller rockers is definitely the way to go, originally I had the stock size black krinkle ford racing valve covers and they didn't clear my newly installed crane roller rockers thus leading to the 2nd set of valve covers which led to the clearance issues of the exhaust. I have heard the ford motorsports rockers clear stock valve covers but I wasn't buying another set of roller rockers. Good luck you'll get it figured out.
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