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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
This purpose was a surprise to me as well and didn't realize how much it helps. I had a little girl, 12 years old, never skied before. She wanted to try out deep water and just couldn't get it to work. Always pulled too hard and then fell back on her bottom. Decided to put her on the boom to get a better feel of skiing and she popped right up. Once she got her balance and figured it out, much more confident. Then, threw her back on the rope again and up she went. Just a great learning tool for kids.

When I'm pulling kids up, I do listen to them on what they think on the pull up speed. However, my rear view mirror is pretty critical. I can watch how they are getting up, judge their balance and then feather the throttle forward when I think they can handle it.

You don't want the be the cause of them losing their balance with the throttle. Slow and steady but watch them too.
What he said about the mirror. Forgot to mention that. If you don't have a side mirror get one. When I jump in another boat without one I realize how much I use it to watch the skier and throttle accordingly to what I see the skier doing. I find it much motre difficult to drive well for a slier without that little mirror.
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