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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
What type of blaster did you use? I was thinking about blasting mine as well as some car fenders....and saw a harbor freight 110 lb blaster for $130. Might be worth it for this much work.
Was an older blaster with about a 100lb or so pot. I do have a large compressor with the CFM to keep up with it. The key is keeping the sand dry and not allowing any moisture in the line. I used 00 fine sand. I tried a bag of Oly sand and all it did was clog the tip. I had to dump that out and go back to the finest grind I could get. Messy job to say the least. Nearly took me as long to clean it up than it did to blast the trailer.

I'm hoping the Rust Bullet lives up to the promises. It is very tough paint, just not sure it will really keep the rust away. Time will tell.
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