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Post up the hull #. I doubt that boat is a '93

1) engine should be a ford. The replacing it with a 350 is fine bc Chevys are cheaper to build than a ford 351. But, was the proper cam installed or does it have high out put heads, etc on it. I bet it is a normal 350 with not a lot of power.

2) the dash is not a '93 dash. It is a '91 dash.

3) the captain chair is not even a Mastercraft seat. If it was a '93 the the sides would not dip down where you can see bottom seat coushin from the sides.

4) the back seat is not even a mc seat. It was made so 3 passengers could sit back there but it is not original. I wonder what kind of material was made to build it.

5) the gel is great. If you purchase it use colanite 3 stage oxidation remover. Wipe on hand buff off. Very little elbow grease needed. If you have a buffer then badda bing a Saturday afternoon and she will look new. Also sand and oil the teak platform. There are plenty of threads here on how to DIY.

6) the trailer is a huge concern. A new trailer can be had for 4k. This being said make sure the trailer is not a pos.

Personally you can revive the boat and make it look very presentable. The back seat doesn't do it for me but if you're on a budget then I say get something that gets you on the water and let the labor of love get to work.

Btw it appears to have the power slot transmission. That is a very nice item to have.

I wouldn't rule it out bc of the engine conversion, I would just drive it and see if you like it. All of the pink in the gell will come out and be bright red again. But you will spend lots of hours putting the love into her.
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