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Possible 93 PS 190 Project...Advice Please!


OK, so this is my first post here on the forum as I am a new member and about to be a new owner of a Mastercraft tow boat. I grew up on a water ski team in Northern WI and have been looking at getting into skiing and a boat for a reasonable price... I think I might have found what I am looking for.

The boat is a 93 PS190 that I have ties to through a good friend of mine that lives in Tacoma, WA. This boat is owned by his boss and my buddy has spent many hours in this boat as his boss has let him use it often over the past 5-7 years. I will also say that I know my friend is quite knowledgeable in regards to maintaining the drivetrain and hull of boats. That being said, he believes the boat is very solid and really just needs some elbow grease. The following pics are what I am dealing with:

The boat was not used much at all in salt water, but was stored near the coast, so there is some corrosion issues on things like mounting screws, the trailer, and other misc things. The boat is solid though, the floor is good, the gel coat is good, and the motor runs great, but it does not look very good as can be seen in the pics (second post).

So now that I have rambled on, this is where I ask for advice. I can get the boat as is for $4,000 and will have almost a grand into the trip to go get it. Given the pics and the limited info I have provided, is this something that I should consider? What else should I bee looking for? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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