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Get a roll of thin plastic from the paint dept. of the big box store and a roll of tape. I sprayed mine with a spray gun. Since you're going to roll it or spray can it you wouldn't need much. If you do have any rust chips I would get a small bottle of rust neutralizer like a Rust Mort. Find a local body shop supply store for an etching primer to cover any bare metal once it's sanded and treated for rust (if any). Sand it down with some 180 then lastly about 400 grit, especially along the front rails where rocks get kicked up. Being it's a trailer and not a car, I go for a lower grit instead of 600 for more bite and less chance of chipping. Most of the spray can paint you purchase is either lacquer or uncatalyzed enamel. They now have paint cans with a catalyzer inside that can be activated. This will last and shine much longer than regular enamel paint cans. Have fun with it. Remember, if you do use catalyzed paint, you must wear a respirator. Can't hurt on the other paints either.
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