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No problem. In 96, there was a hull change and there were a number of changes. The bottom got just a slight modification to allow it to handle the rough water a little better. They also raised the side rails so you have more freeboard. They also increased the width inside allowing for a little more room.

Now, it still has a great ski wake but if you were to compare the two, most would say the 92-95 era boats would have a better ski wake. The 96+ would handle the rougher water better, add some ballast and would also have a better wakeboarding wake, too.

Not a major difference but still worth noting when shopping. The earlier ones are a little tighter inside but I don't mind. If you get a chance, take a look at some in person.

I said 94-95 because those were the two years with fuel injection and I prefer that. The 92 & 93 were Ford, 351, carb engines. The 94 & 95 were GM 350 engines (with the optional LT1 engine).
- Jeff

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