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Originally Posted by Big tic View Post
love my 2011. Before that had only GM (4 of them traded every 18 months). Had major issues with a 2010 Silverado 6.2 and traded on the titan. 100,000 miles and no issues. Gonna wait for the new model and get it.

FYI Nissan has confirmed all new titan for 2015 with 5.0L cummins engine as an option. Rumour has it around 300hp and 460 touque. I do however have my doubts about the cummins motor as Dodge must have some kind of exclusivity agreement.
The titan diesel was scheduled back in 2008 and chrysler was to build the titan including a 2500 model, but bankruptcy from chrysler and the bailouts killed that idea. Pretty sure any naming rights will benefit all btw dodge will put a v6 diesel in their 1500 ram in the near future thats from VM Motori which is owned by GM and Fiat. Cross breeding by auto manufacturers is nothing new.
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