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OK, I replaced the really worn shaft packing with goretex the other day because the bilge was getting swamped the first and only time I took it out. I have a feeling that the previous owners allowed water to fill the bilge for who knows how long. Wondering if this was the source of the problem, and hoping it will not continue. I would like to fill the voids under the floor with spray foam and see how that works. Is this OK?
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I don't know if that will work or not, but if the floors is soft you're gonna end up dealing with it some day. I've never tried fixing a soft floor this way, and I have my doubts it will work well, not to mention, you're not fixing the real problem. How's the water getting in there? Just sitting in the bilge shouldn't lead to water in there. It's leaking in somewhere., unless it was getting higher than the stringers in the back? I'm not positive, I don't have much experience on tri stars.
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