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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Thanks for the reply. We worked really hard to bleed the brakes. One guy was applying pressure the actuator and the other opening the individual brake valves. Upon manual testing (spinning the rotors) we can get brakes to bite. It is really hard to tell behind my F250 if the brakes are working or not.

I have a sneaking suspicion there maybe air remaining in the line for two (not so obvious) reasons: 1) it seem like I would really be able to feel the trailer braking and not producing incremental force against the truck (i think I could feel that in the past)---I do not now and 2) After several rounds of bleeding and doing one last test--we would get a blast of air. We would then bleed each valve 2 - 3x, ensuring a steady stream of fluid only to come across another air bubble.
I know what you mean on reason #1. After I got mine conversion done it felt like they weren't working like they did before. I didn't feel the annoying "clunk" anymore.

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Use a ratcheting belt - much easier - wrap the belt around bow support and actuator...wratchet to complete inserted position - bleed... release belt... add fluid if needed repeat... no straining - no pain - takes half the time.

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
dude! duh. GREAT idea. Gosh, we were killing our backs squeezing that damn thing.

On it.
Another possible solution is to use the trailer winch. I also felt like I got a better "bleed" using that method over the screwdriver method, and you don't have to hold the tab on the bottom. Another point to my statement above, for testing,I put the trailer on jack stands. I had a friend spin a tire and I would pull the plunger/coupler into receiver with the trailer winch. The tire locked up hard to where you couldn't spin it by hand. Repeated the other side and I was golden. It was mentioned earlier or a different thread about pushing the boat in the garage being difficult. I will say after I released the winch, the tires did not spin free until you pulled the coupler all the way out of the receiver.
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