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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
dude! duh. GREAT idea. Gosh, we were killing our backs squeezing that damn thing.

On it.
Look in the manual that came with your actuator. It shows where to insert a small flat blade screwdriver in a hole in the bottom and pry on the plunger for the master cylinder. You also need to hold in the release lever so the plunger will release when you let off of your screwdriver, but it's all very easy. (page 24, with illustration on 25)
Here is a link to the manual >

I had my 11 year old daughter sitting on a stool at the actuator with the screwdriver prying for me. I explained the communication we needed between us (she tells me when she's holding; I tell her when the bleeder is closed etc.) and we had all 4 wheels bled in 15 minutes. We would have had it done sooner if the master cylinder held more than like 1/3 cup of fluid. Having to get out from underneath and refill it every 3rd or 4th bleed was a pain.

I did bleed mine a 2nd time a few days later as it just didn't feel right. I found I still had air in the left side. The 2nd time I had my wife help me. My daughter had the hang of it quicker but I think at 11... you learn quicker.

Also, (I saw it mentioned in an earlier post) step 1 and 2 on page 24 talks about bleeding the master cylinder.
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