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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post

I have taken the following steps:

I installed the actuator on the trailer
Attached the blue reverse lock out wire.
Attached the white ground wire to the solenoid
I filled the brake fluid reservoir
We bled the brakes one wheel at a time front to back while apply pressure to the actuator

I think I am done? However, you mention the following, "If you have the UFP A60 or any UFP master cylinder it also has to be bled - "

How do you bleed the master cylinder?


If you're your bled thru all lines... you are good... some times the master cylinder needs to be primed - was having trouble and called UFP - so I I had to pour brake fluid into master cylinder before I installed it..(had to take it out) so make sure there was no air in master cylinder - it was weird.
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