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Originally Posted by pmkkdx View Post
on a river or lake? currents or tide? what about if there was a flood and the lake/river filled up much higher to completely cover said boat house?

Just some questions ... example Lake Georgetown (corp lake) filled well beyond expectation several years back which covered all the public parks including all the covered picnic sites and restrooms. They had to close down all access due to septic in the lake & underwater electricity ... once the lake went back down, there was a whole lot of repairs needed to the structures & electrical systems.

although I see your point ...
It is a manmade lake created by damming up the far end of a ravine, if water level raises 3 feet then excess water spills 30 feet down a spillway another 2 feet and it goes over the top of the dam, if water rises up enought to get close to the roof then we all need to be calling noah about a ark as the end of the world has come.

Once I have the letter from them releasing the insurance requirements on the house it will be on, thanks for the input.
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