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Not to beat a dead horse, but seeing as how PCM and Nautique have put it on their biggest engine possible and are signing paperwork as a factory option I am pretty sure they did their homework. For a small run very specific product I think is a great accomplishment. Tige did the same a while back......also a PCM power plant , but the Tige contract never left the ground besides being mentioned at dealers as $$ numbers couldnt be worked out. There will always be skeptics for any aftermarket product.

I like the sound as much as anyone, but 4-6 hrs in a boat in the back bench with riders in tow all day makes me appreciate the FAE. It's also nice to have a full conversation in the boat without yelling n screaming over the engine noise in the background when we entertain friends (which is more and more these days) when the tower speakers are not jamming. It allows my family to enjoy the water more and for longer periods of time. It's an option. Some like it some don't, but to say it harms your boat in anyway I think is a misconception.

I am not preaching to the choir about CO fumes as I truly don't believe an FAE is mandatory for a surfer to ride safely and stay alive. I think it's a great addition. I will share this. I had a noticeable difference in the way my body felt after spending a day on the water in a boat without FAE surfing for 6 hrs than one with the FAE. I got much less fatigued from the buzz of the engine and just muscle aches while on the sundeck in each boat on back to back days on the water.

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