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Flood insurance on a boat house, isnt it already flooded

So here is the scenario, re-financed house Vystar insisted I have flood insurance despite having a county engineers letter stating the property would not flood, 3 surveys showing the house was not in a flood zone, 1 elevation cert saying the house is not in a flood zone.

Filed a LOMA (letter of map ammendment) with FEMA which agreed house is not in flood zone. Called up Vystar asking for a letter so I can cancel flood insurance on house, now they are saying that house coverage is not required however I have to cover the boat house for $10K because it is in a flood zone.

To me that seems absolutley ridiculous to put flood insurance on a structuture that is nothing more than 8 telephone poles with a roof on them.

Anyone have any of these issues in the past and how did you resolve it
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