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Originally Posted by jafo9 View Post
Just curious. I put on my FAE last April right before the season and enjoyed it this summer. About 2/3 through the summer, the motor started having problems and culminated in my local MC dealer putting in a reman motor (Rambo Marine). I got a call yesterday from Rambo and they told me the new motor was in and cranked and ran on the hose. They felt that the FAE may have led to the demise of the original motor. We won't have a definitive cause until Jasper gets the motor back and sends a report but it sounded like a rod had come loose and a bearing was long gone. They found metal pieces in the oil. They felt it revved up normally on the hose without the FAE attached but with the FAE attached they felt it was somewhat restricted and didn't rev up as well. They felt that an increase in back pressure was bad for the motor and may have led to its demise.

My first thought was that their theory may be true while in neutral revving the motor, but that while underway the flow of water over the exhaust tip would help pull the exhaust from the motor and overcome any restriction.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
How can the water AND exhaust from two 3"-4" exhaust ports possibly go through what looks like a 2-1/2" single exit point without being restricted? An engine is basically an air pump and the air coming out takes up more space than what goes in.

What was the point of installing this?
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