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Originally Posted by flya750 View Post
The only thing that is saving the optional bow configuration for me is one thing.. and that is the ski racks on the sides... My traditional bow storage is needed... no IFs ANDs or BUTs! If this boat can't give me the same storage as a traditional bow then it loses for me. I carry two slalom skis and a combo pair at all times @ minimum.....I can put four skis in the new racks...the remaining storage should be sufficient to handle the rest of the stuff? Dual anchors, a sh!t load of life jackets coast guard and ski vests...dual spot lights, blankets, towels... etc...etc..Will it all fit in the new optional bow configuration?

Also, what about the gell coat in the bow area if there is an anchor flying around in storage? Is there any risk of damaging side gell coat walls? Of course, since there has been so little data released on the new boat...I still have lots of questions regarding its true crossover functionality....and I for one am not going to give it two thumbs up without much more consideration.

Where would a heater core go? for example? and all the hoses that provide the heat to the passengers? How would all of that work?
Lets see what all I store with my open bow. I keep 4 of the ugly orange life vest under the seats in my bow. In the observer seat locker I have towels, food, boat cover, bimini cover, a 10" sub box, and whatever else needs to go in there for that day of boating. I have in my rear locker 6 vest, barefoot suit, 2 anchors, 2 bumpers, 2 ropes, a towing rope (for tubes and broken boats), anchor light, gloves, and whatever else I use regularly or need that day. Now whats on the tower? I have 2 slalom ski's, a sky ski (which is huge by the way), and my sky ski rope that stays on the tower pylon. With all this in the boat, I have nothing on the floor except a small cooler if I need more than what my 2 floor coolers can hold. Clean and organized just like I like it. This isn't even mentioning the awesome stereo that is on this boat as well.

Guess what, after all of that, I still have an amazing wake IMHO from 15 off and up...... Gotta love a 197.... It seems as if so many people are trying to trash this boat for the wrong reasons. I love the new prostar, I still can't afford it. I had 92 190 and I loved it as well, I had a mini tower on it which really gave me a ton of storage. I'll also ad that putting a mini tower with bimin on the boat that weighs a total of roughly 60lbs, doesn't affect anything on that boat or its wake. lol At the end of the day, I wanted the 197 for room, storage, more people when needed, and several other reasons. The 197 gave me all of that and made it more enjoyable than my 190 would have.

I also bring my dog on the boat...
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